What is iSCADA?

What is iSCADA?

iSCADA is an internet based SCADA system.

iSCADA can reduce your SCADA costs up to 90% from traditional HMI based SCADA Hosts.

You can log in and view your SCADA system from any web browser on any computer located in any part of the world.

However, unlike other web based SCADA systems, iSCADA has a real time look and feel. In fact, you will think that it's a SCADA system running on your desktop, instead of a slow stateless web application. 

iSCADA will gather all the production data from your monitored wells and automatically import that data into your production accounting system.

iSCADA will send you an email on any alarms that occur.

iSCADA will monitor your oil wells and display the dynacards from your pump off controllers.

You can optimize production by viewing the iSCADA's real time trends of the process data.

When you sign up for iSCADA, you also get state of the art technical support. All of our systems are designed to allow us to connect directly to the on site controllers. We can make changes to the controllers, add buildup routines, and troubleshoot process problems, like “why won't my site reset”

iSCADA can be customized to meet any unique requirements that you might have.


What's New?

iSCADA now supports Lufkin oil well pump off controllers. 

iSCADA can poll, store, and display both surface and downhole dynacards.

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